Wednesday, May 24, 2017


  1. 1.
    a beginning or start

As graduation rolls in, I would like to say a few things.
  • 2/3 of the 755 million illiterate people in the world are female.
Let that sink in for a bit. 

First and foremost, education is priceless.

“ Education is a lifetime inheritance. It is a lifetime insurance. Education is the key to success, a bus to a brighter future for all our people. Without education, there is little that a person can do—actually there is nothing a person can do without an education. A person is never too old for knowledge; as my people, the Xhosa, always say, ‘Imfundo ayigugelwa’ (Every day is an education; you learn something new). We must be knowledge seekers and we must strive for a better life through education.”

ZUKISWA, AGE 16 (Ubuntu Education Fund) Kwa Magxaki Township, Port Elizabeth, South Africa 

Access to education is an issue that still plagues numerous nations today. Young children are disproportionately affected by this disparity on a daily basis. As these young children grow, they become disproportionately affected adults, which in turn bring forth children who ultimately become disproportionately affected. And the cycle continues.

How valuable is it to ensure that all, especially children, have access to education? Well, take a look for yourself.
  1. Educated women are less likely to die in childbirth. Yearly, 529,000 women die during childbirth or from complications during pregnancy.
  2. Educating girls can save millions of lives.
  3. Mothers' education improves child nutrition. 165 million children worldwide are malnourished.
  4. Education keeps hunger away. Currently, 759 million people do not have enough to eat. 60% of that are women.
Education is extremely important and beneficial to us all.

As I wrap up my undergraduate studies, I am forced to think of the word "commencement". As I close the page on this chapter of my life, I realize that this is truly just the beginning. I have been fortunate enough to have access to education. I have dreams that sometimes scare me, yet I hope to one day save the world, as we all do. But none of that would've been possible if I wasn't given the opportunity to do so. As a child, who once came to America as a refugee, I understand and acknowledge the privilege that I have been given. Therefore, it is my duty to ensure that as I have been given the opportunity to dream and want more out of this life, to give others the same. Change doesn't have to happen on a global scale to impact someones' life. It only takes one small act to influence a ripple of actions/effects.

Once more, as I wrap up this chapter in my life, I look forward to new beginnings and hopefully joining the fight to bridge the gap. Not only in education, but also in health care. 



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