Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Best Part

Bonjour Tout le Monde,

So there won't be much to read in this post. Basically, this post sums up one of the most amazing… actually scratch that.. the best part of my trip in Nigeria. I had a great time meeting all of these amazing people. It's strange leaving your home and everyone you know at the age of three and then coming back 20 years later to rekindle relationships that you never truly fostered. Yes, at times I wondered if I would be able to connect. Surely, I did. It felt as if I had never even left. I am blessed to have been able to meet my family once more after years apart and I look forward to seeing them soon. I also met some amazing locals who were extremely friendly and willing to let me take their pictures. These are locals at their best. They ranged from suya makers to storekeepers. It was awesome introducing myself to them and also learning a bit about themselves. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


My little cousins and I get ready for Easter Sunday service.

My first-night eating suya. It was divine and this guy was funny and nice.

Some guys standing outside of the suya spot.

The day I made it out to my aunt's farm and these little goobers gave me the best tour. I even saw baby goats and chicks.

Here at the Bole spot. It was beyond delicious.

Here is Favour. She lives up the street from my aunt's house and she manages this small market. You can find a lot of these stores all around.

My beautiful family.

My aunt and I on the way to the village.

Some more cousins of mine from the village.

This is the daughter of my aunt. She basically took care of me for years. She carried me up and down the entire village.

Smiles and laughter all around.


Out shopping with my aunt in the front and met these nice ladies.

My last day in Port Harcourt

Goodbyes are the hardest part but I know that this isn't goodbye, but see you later.

Haha, this goober and I. My older brother!


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