Sunday, June 12, 2016

All I Did Was Eat

Bonjour Tout le Monde,

As the title of this post suggests, all I did was eat. I ate a plethora of meals that I had never heard about before and they all tasted divine. These are all traditional Nigerian dishes and they can be found all over although they may be prepared slightly different depending on the individual tribes and culture. But nonetheless, everything tasted amazing. Check out the pictures and descriptions below.



This is palm oil and it is made out of palm kernels that are picked from palm trees. It is then put in a mortar-like this and spices are added.

This is yam made out of yam tubers. You dip this into the palm oil. This is one of the many ways to eat yam.

This is suya! One of the most popular snacks in Nigeria.

More Meat

Here, the man has cut up the suya and he is adding the other parts which are cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and peppers.They also provide you with a spice packet to dip the suya into.

This is roasted plantains. Once completed, they are added to fish and roasted potatoes to make Bole.

Here are the roasted potatoes.

Here is the fish and it has been garnished with a plant and pepper mix.

Once completed, the Bole looks like this and then drizzled with palm oil.

Here is what the suya preparation looks like. Here they have goat, chicken, ram, etc.

Here are the leaves that my aunt and I grounded for the soup.

Here is one of the many bole shops. They were very nice and funny as well.

The best part was all of the amazing colours from the fresh fruit markets.


Mangoes are the best; both green and orange.

Yay, more mangoes.

Hahaha, I love fruit and the fact that they were cheap too.

Maggi is the most popular seasoning used in Nigeria and many other countries for seasoning.

Fresh habanero and chile peppers. They were all so cheap.

Local markets are the best.

Goat pepper soup after church.

Fresh peppers and okra. Okra is used in one of our traditional soups.

I had freshly squeezed watermelon juice and a fancy plate of suya! Very great night in a beautiful lounge and bar.


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