Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Life of a Fulbright Intern

Bonjour Tout le Monde,

So as I mentioned before, I am currently interning for Fulbright Belgium. For those who do not know what Fulbright is, they are an organization that provides grants for students to either study, conduct research, or teach abroad. They promote the idea of cultural awareness through educational exchanges. It allows for Belgian and Luxembourgish students to travel and study in the states and then for American Students to travel and study in the EU/UK. I am enjoying every minute of my time spent there. I have so many brilliant students and scholars from all over and I am highly impressed by the world that they are doing. I have also had the opportunity to learn so much and do things that I have never done before. Below, you will find pictures from my visit to the U.S. Ambassadors house and also a few pictures from the 'Study Abroad Capacity-Building Workshop'. Enjoy.

With Love,

This is one of my fellow coworkers. She is the head of the Center for American studies at the Royal Library of Belgium.

This is my boss, Executive Director of Fulbright Belgium, Erica!

The talk started out with a video of an interview the guest speaker did with Stephen Colbert.

Here is the guest speaker. He is a professor at the Center of American Studies at Columbia University.

The Guests.

My beloved Thomas. He is a Belgian native and also a fellow intern.

This just looked nice to me.

No idea what I was doing lol but Thomas looks great!

Thomas and I!

No idea what I was doing here as well.

Apparently, this is quite expensive and it was all hand-painted. So says Erica.!

Study Abroad Workshop

Study Abroad Workshop

Thomas and I set everything up.

The scrumptious food that we had catered.

Art Food did such an amazing job and the boxes were so cute.

Some items for the goodie bags!

Yes, all of this was for me. Funny thing is I don't even like sandwiches but after being in Europe for a bit, you sort of have to learn to like them.!

Our yummy dessert!

I had three all to myself and perhaps another two later. They were just that good! 

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