Thursday, December 17, 2015

Blessings on Blessings

Bonjour Tout le Monde,

I hope this blog post finds you all well.! So, I've come up with the most amazing idea. I've decided to attend at least one religious service in whichever country I visit. This isn't strictly speaking of churches but also mosques, temples, and other various religious areas of worship. I know this will certainly take a bit of time but I certainly believe that this would be such an amazing opportunity to learn much more about an aspect of the host country that I am visiting. To me, my religious beliefs are quite important to my character and identity and I believe that this experience will certainly open my eyes not only to other religious traditions but other people in general.

In this time and age, where we live in a world full of ignorance, I believe that it is my responsibility, as a person who strives for social justice and equality in all forms, to address and undress the various misconceptions that we all have created/heard about various identities/cultures.I would like to challenge those viewpoints and shed some light, no matter how small, on the beauty of worship.

So, on that note, stay tuned for beautiful pictures of the various religious areas of worship that I will be visiting!



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