Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Study Abroad: What To Pack?

Bonjour Tout le Monde,

Yes, this is another packing list that may include the same things that you have seen in other packing lists while surfing the web. Sadly, its hard to be original these days and think of new things to add to packing lists, but on the bright side, it never hurts to look through a few different lists because you may just find something on one list that you didn't find on the other.!

Now, packing is a ginormous problem for me because I would like to pack my entire closet even if I am only going away for three days ( I don't even wear half of those items :/ ). I have found that making a list and editing it more than once really helps. At this moment, I am still compiling my list but I have a few items that I believe are a must have. Not only have I included a packing list, but I've also included a list of items that may be helpful for your trip! I am buying them as well!!

Blessing's Packing List

  • Clothing Items that are appropriate for the weather of the country that you are visiting. Try not to over pack because this can be where most of the over packing can occur. One jacket that will keep you warm will suffice.
  • Undergarments- Enough to go two/three weeks before wash-day.
  • Shoes- I think a few pairs would suffice, like maybe four or five. One nice pair of pumps or dress shoes for special outings, boots, and tennis shoes and also flats. You will be walking around a ton.

Blessing's To Buy List
  • Luggage Organizers- This will help organize the items that you may pack and create more space. The more things you pack, the more cluster you may have unless you're a Pro at military roll style.
  • Portable Charger- You will thank me later!! (Anker)
  • Electronic Accessories Organizer- Best way to manage all of those cords especially if you are bringing a bunch of electronics ( Laptop, iPad, Camera, phone, etc).
  • Passport/Document Holder- A good way to keep copies of all of the important documents that you need to bring along with you. This could also help prevent theft.
  • Cosmetic/Toiletry Carry Case- A good way to organize either your cosmetics or your toiletries, especially for those weekend trips.
I know this list isn't very long but I'll include another list soon once I finish my own packing. I hope this helps though. All of these items can be ordered on Amazon. If you guys have any other items that you believe is helpful, let me know.!

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