Friday, October 16, 2015

Big Bang World Tour 2015

Bonjour My Darlings,

I know I have been a bit M.I.A, but I bring to you good news. I had the privilege of going to Newark, New Jersey for the Big Bang concert last week and it was FANTASTIC. Big Bang has become one of the largest Korean-pop groups within the last couple of years and this was their second time coming to the states to perform and I got to see them.  It was by far the best experience that I have ever had. Prudential Center was packed with fans from all over the world and it was breath-taking to see how the stadium lit up with mini Big Bang lights (see picture below). I went with three of my friends and we spent a day in New York City. We went to an amazing Japanese restaurant and we happened to spot an actor from the t.v series, The Walking Dead. No, sadly we weren't brave enough to go up and ask for his picture and autograph. They were fan-girling internally though!

I fell in love with New York. Despite its clamor and endless trash, the city was filled with a vibrancy that I had never seen before. The city bustled with people from all races and walks of life and I knew instantaneously that I needed to live in a place like this. Times Square lit up even at 1 am. It's crazy to see how cultured and knowledgeable a person can be depending on where they live. Two guys were able to guess the nationality of my friends and I spot on within seconds. That's incredible especially since most people can't guess my nationality just by looking at me (they got my nationality the second time around; they tried though).! I talked with Spaniards and I even had the opportunity to whip out some of my SUPERB French skills (I WISH). One con about New York was the pricing. EVERYTHING, and I mean everything is so much more expensive there. The worst part is that their food options are endless and who doesn't love food but I wonder if its truly worth going broke over.! I also had the opportunity to visit Korea Town and it was great! I got my fair share of bubble tea and endless stores filled with face masks, boy and girl band posters, and cute little trinkets. I even had the opportunity to take a picture with my beloved Kim.!

Overall, Big Bang was the best part of the whole experience and having the opportunity to reunite with friends that I hadn't seen since high school due to the busyness of adult life. We had an adventure of our own while waiting in the airport for 13hrs and we took in all the wonders of the places that we went. I am one happy lady.!

Look at the amount of people who came to the concert!! Those are the lights that I mentioned above!!


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