Saturday, June 20, 2015

We Need To Catalyze Change

Bonjour Mes Chèrs,

Within the last couple of months, the world has been plagued with events that leave me questioning humanity and this place that we call home. We have allowed ourselves to live in a society that exudes hatred, fear, injustice, and inequality. Day by day, we are poisoned by our personal prejudices, biases, social media, and differences.

Recently, we have been confronted with a matter so odious and destructive that I thought I should highlight it on my page. Yes, this is an issue of race. Yes, this is an issue of racism. Yes, this is not something new. But most importantly, this event robbed families, friends, communities, and this world of people whose appointed time had not yet been declared. It breaks my heart to know that places of worship, that should be respected and revered, are now places of attack. Where are we truly safe?

I do not want to go too deep into this issue but I employ each and every person to look beyond colour and understand that humanity is at stake. Yes, color matters. Yes, racism exists but as a community, it is our responsibility to have open discussions with our neighbors. It is our responsibility to eradicate hatred and breed love and trust. I pray that this event has brought an intense/immense amount of  light on the issues and injustices surrounding our present world so that no one will be able to disregard the evident and oh so clear issues. I pray that we can come together and mourn the lives of the nine lost and in turn, work hand in hand to address the issues of our nation and see people as they are, for who they are.

Thank You.



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